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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Program Review Blogsvertise

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Paid Review Blogsvertise - What is a paid review Blogsvertise? Blogsvertise is a paid review program that will pay member to write a review about a product, service, or website, but in its development, Blogsvertise also provides not only review the program, but also Textlink programs, banner ads and video ads.

The development program at is due to requests from the Advertiser (Advertiser) who want new ways of promotion in Blogvertise. Blogvertise is just an intermediary between the Advertiser and Publiser. Now let us discuss one by one the programs provided by Blogvertise:
  • Paid Review: This program will pay us to review your product, service or website.
  • Textlink: this program will pay us to display ads on your blog Textlink shaped, Textlink ads should appear on your blog for a month, after which the advertiser will decide to extend or not.
  • Banner ads: This program is also almost the same as Textlink, except that you are displaying banners.
  • Video ads: This program will pay you to make a video about a review a website or products and services, and uploaded to Youtube.
The above program is still in beta, unless the program paid review. To participate in this program is very easy, we need to do is simply sign up, after signing up, you should submit your blog / website, then you should wait for the status of Blogsvertise approve. After the Constitution, you are waiting for jobs that you came, so unlike other programs that paid reviews, which you are offering to do a review, here the advertiser are in control. 

The advantage of this program from other programs is that you do not have to have a blog to high pagerank, blog to low pagerank even zero can join, but if your blog is still low pagerank, do not expect to be a lot of jobs. You also do not need to have English proficiency to write a review, Blogsvertise also received a review in the Indonesian language. 

Is paid will be paid one month later after the job is done and paid via paypal. My advice in the program paid review is not too put up rates too high especially for new blogs to join, make only low tariffs, but many job. Now interested in joining this program, just a list here.

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